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DSM Humboldt Releases Silver Linings Drive/Preamp Pedal

Designed from scratch under lockdown, DSM & Humboldt engineers produced a powerful and versatile drive pedal

Santiago, Chile – November 15, 2021 – (GUITARpr) – During these challenging times, DSM & Humboldt took the time to patiently and painstakingly design, from scratch, a drive […]

November 15th, 2021|Effects, Featured|

New ILLUMINE Reverb Pedal from Neunaber Audio

Ultimate reverb machine offers power and flexibility limited only by your creativity

Orange, CA – August 5, 2021 – (GUITARpr) – Neunaber Audio has just introduced its latest, and ultimate reverb machine called ILLUMINE. Packing 17 studio-quality reverbs, 50 presets, MIDI and powerful expression […]

August 5th, 2021|Effects, Featured|

Analysis Plus to Give Away High-end Silver Cables at the Summer NAMM Show

Booth visitors can enter to win one of five Silver ThinLine instrument cables valued at $179 each

Flushing, MI – June 23, 2021 – (GUITARpr) – Analysis Plus, the manufacturer of high-end cables and connectors for musicians and pro audio as well as home […]

June 23rd, 2021|Accessories, Events, Featured|

DSM Humboldt Unveils Dual Channel/Reverb Simplifier Deluxe

New zero watt amplifier/pedal offers more flexibility, boutique tones, dual reverb, and expanded connectivity

Santiago, Chile – April 19, 2021 – (GuitarPR) – After its previously successful introduction of the Simplifier analog preamp/cab sim, Chilean-based DSM Humboldt is announcing the Simplifier Deluxe, a brand […]

April 18th, 2021|Amplification, Effects, Featured|

Damnation Audio Releases Curmudgeon 2 Bass Amp Distortion Pedal

Solid-state power amp distortion offers multiple stages of coloration and distortion

Baltimore, MD – March 18, 2021 – (GuitarPR) – Damnation Audio’s new Curmudgeon 2 is a solid-state power amp (lead sled) distortion that takes your incoming signal, multiplies it by 1000, and slams […]

March 18th, 2021|Effects, Featured|

Porter Pickups Introduces High Value, Budget Friendly Gatekeeper Line

New Gatekeeper Pickups sound and perform great while saving guitarists money

Boise, ID – December 10, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Porter Pickups has announced the recent launch of a new line of high value, budget friendly pickup sets that are designed to sound and […]

December 10th, 2020|Accessories, Featured|

Analysis Plus Introduces Convenient Multi-Cable PlusPaks for the Holidays at Special Prices

Popular high-end instrument, pedalboard and microphone cables included

Flushing, MI – November 5, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Analysis Plus, the manufacturer of widely acclaimed, high-end cables and connectors for the music and pro audio industry has announced the launch of a new product group […]

November 4th, 2020|Accessories, Featured|

Neunaber Audio Adds New Elements Pedal Series

Studio-quality effects delivered in a compact and easy-to-use package

Orange, CA – September 9, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Neunaber Audio has announced the introduction of its new Elements series pedals, designed to deliver studio-quality effects in a compact and easy-to-use package. Among the notable […]

September 9th, 2020|Effects, Featured|

Damnation Audio Releases New MBD-2 MOSFET Bass Distortion 2.0

Now taking orders for the long awaited follow up to the highly successful MBD-1

Baltimore, MD – February 13, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Damnation Audio, with its focus on high-quality bass effect pedals, has recently released the long awaited follow up to their highly […]

February 13th, 2020|Effects, Featured|

Analysis Plus Pro Audio Division Launches New Dedicated Web Platform

Greatly improved experience developed from the ground up includes new Custom Shop

Flushing, MI – January 27, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Analysis Plus, the manufacturer of widely acclaimed, patented products for the Music and Pro Audio markets, just launched an all new, dedicated web […]

January 26th, 2020|Accessories, Featured|

Neunaber Audio Releases New Wet Reverberator Plugin

Entrance into the plugin market highlighted with significant advancements

Orange, CA – January 8, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – Neunaber Audio has announced its entrance into the plugin market with the introduction their new Wet Reverberator. The plugin represents a significant advancement on the research […]

January 7th, 2020|Effects, Featured|

ENKI USA Introduces New AMG-2 EXV Double Electric Guitar Case at Winter NAMM Show

New case designed specifically for Explorer, Flying V and ML shaped guitars

Bozeman, MT – January 8, 2020 – (GuitarPR) – ENKI USA, the designer and builder of the revolutionary AMG Series multi-purpose instrument cases, will introduce its new model AMG-2 EXV case at […]

January 7th, 2020|Accessories, Featured|
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