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You May Need One of These…

Our structured development and deployment service is but one of the ways GuitarPR can help your business move forward. In fact, we offer a variety of marketing and sales-related services custom designed for your company or organization.


GearheadCreative Content

Every business needs to create content of some kind or another. Whether it’s marketing, advertising or editorial… for external or internal use… we write it, produce it and get it out (wherever it needs to go). Our goal with promotional and other business-related content is always threefold:

  • Get the attention
  • Convey the message
  • Affect the appropriate response

Simple enough. But this work requires the writing skill, both creative and technical, combined with equal doses of marketing, sales and presentation capabilities.

Email Marketing

With our own email marketing and management platform, noozmail, we provide our clients with a high-powered, affordable platform for lists of 100 or 100,000 (or more).

Web Platforms

We’ve been designing and developing websites of all kinds since nearly the start of the Web in the mid-nineties. Of course, it was a little different then. It’s a lot different now. It was even a lot different just a few years ago. With the exception of certain specialty and single-purpose sites, most of our design and development work utilizes the most common and stable open source content management systems, like WordPress.

Print Projects

There isn’t much in traditional and print media that we’ve not done. We handle a variety of print projects in many forms from basic to complex… business cards to books, manuals to magazines and most of the in-betweens.

Sales Management and Operations

Our Sales Consulting Group* has many years in successful operations and high-end sales management and we understand the process and priorities. When it comes to driving revenues, we integrate operations, sales, marketing and media efforts while helping you motivate and manage sales people.

* Some services are coordinated through our parent organization, TrueMarket Group.

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