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Marketing and Media

We Support Your Marketing Efforts

GUITARpr can provide a variety of supportive Marketing and Consulting Services custom designed for your company or organization. Our flexible approach follows a thorough assessment and understanding of your company’s goals and objectives. We strive to find the simplest path to optimum effectiveness at the most affordable cost.

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Creative Content

Every business needs to create content of some kind or another. Whether it’s marketing, advertising or editorial… for external or internal use… we write it, produce it and get it out (wherever it needs to go). Our methodology with promotional and other business-related content always utilizes “The 3 C’s” formula:

  • Capture the attention
  • Convey the message
  • Compel the action

Simple enough. But this work requires the writing skill, both creative and technical, combined with equal doses of marketing, sales and presentation capabilities.


With our own email marketing service, noozmail, we can provide our clients with a high-powered and affordable managed solution for lists of 100 or 100,000 (or more) when applicable, and beautifully designed and executed email campaigns.


We’ve been designing and developing websites of all kinds since nearly the start of the Web through our parent organization, TrueMarket Group. Most of our web platform work utilizes the most common and stable open source content management systems, like WordPress. Whether it’s just an assessment and recommendation, or a more complete design and deployment, we’re happy to discuss your needs and interests.

Website Accessibility Solution

For our clients, we offer an amazing AI-powered Accessibility Application that automates the process of creating an immediate, affordable, and compliant solution that serves as a win-win for business owners and people with disabilities, who just want equal access to the internet.

Print and Traditional

There isn’t much in print and traditional media that we’ve not done. At GUITARpr, we can also handle a variety of print projects in many forms from basic to complex. The advantage, of course, is our ability to holistically integrate all aspects of our work to serve the greater good for our clients.

Structured Marketing Services

Wordpress Site Assessment

WordPress Site Assessment

So you already have a WordPress-based website. Maybe you or someone in your organization built it originally. Possibly you hired someone else to build it for you. Web designers (of which there seems to be millions) come and go pretty often. But WordPress has continued to develop and change in an increasingly rapid fashion.

In any case, the bottom line is that it may need work because of any of the following reasons…

  • It’s old and hasn’t been updated…
  • You thought you could do it yourself, but…
  • You hired somebody who left the country and…
  • It’s just not doing what it’s supposed to…
  • You’ve fallen and you can’t get up…
  • You really wanted a professionally built site, but…

No worries. It’s not your fault. In fact, this is one of the most common situations we come across. And the good news is… We can help.

We’ll perform a complete site assessment and provide you with a written report on the condition of your site with recommendations for updates, possible renovation and added functionality. We charge a small fee for this service since it takes time. However, we credit this amount toward any additional GUITARpr work we do for you (except other Assessment services).

Market Messaging Assessment

Market Messaging Assessment

Most business owners or managers are not copywriters. If that’s actually your profession, you won’t be interested in this. Our guess, however, is that it is not your gig. Does it matter?

YES! Message clarity is critical regardless of the size of your business. Large or very small. Most people write too much. Or, they write what they think they see in their head, which unfortunately doesn’t always translate into a message that other people are moved by. And that is what ultimately needs to happen.

We’ll perform a complete Marketing Message Assessment of any public content (subject to reasonable limitations) your business has produced. We provide you a written report with recommendations for improvements and a plan of action if needed. We charge a small fee for this service since it takes time. However, we credit this amount toward any additional GUITARpr work we do for you (except other Assessment services).

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