Thanks for your interest in GUITARpr. Since our founding in 2008 by Jeffrey D Brown (and now as part of TrueMarket Group), we’ve been an efficient and effective, modern-day PR news, marketing and consulting firm that is dedicated to helping our clients increase sales, grow their guitar-related businesses and get to the next level. We utilize a unique variety of tools, talent, skills and experience to accomplish that goal. Let’s get something done for your business.

Unique Press Release Services

Everything has changed, and press releases are used differently than they were in the past. But they continue to be a universal vehicle for getting the word out about new products, services, events, people and any other Marketable News. GUITARpr provides an efficient, uncluttered outlet for your Press Releases as well as all other marketing related materials. And, we only do this for guitar-related companies, organizations and markets.

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Marketing and Media Services

GUITARpr provides an array of marketing and media services to support your goals of increased sales and business growth, short or long term. We’ve been in this business a long time and have developed a large inventory of valuable knowledge and experience that we’re happy to share with our guitar-related clients like you (or someone you know).

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Sales and Growth Consulting Services

At GUITARpr, we’re dedicated to helping you increase sales, grow your business or achieve other worthwhile goals and objectives with a variety of creative consulting solutions. While we’re known by many for our structured services, our overarching strengths come from our ability to think creatively, strategically and methodically with your destination always clearly in focus.

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