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What’s the Deal?

Thanks for your interest in GuitarPR, an efficient, modern-day marketing and press release service that produces and deploys marketing materials and Marketable News from guitar-related companies, organizations and players. Simple and straight forward.

GuitarPR can be used by:

  • Companies and organizations involved in guitar-related industries
  • Magazines, editors, reporters, bloggers and other news gathering outlets serving guitar-related markets
  • Guitar enthusiasts looking for direct, unfiltered information direct from the source

Everything has changed, and press releases are used differently than they were in the past. But they continue to be a universal vehicle for getting the word out about new products, services, events, people and any other Marketable News.

Taking this into consideration, GuitarPR provides an efficient, uncluttered deployment and distribution outlet for your Marketable News as Press Releases as well as all other marketing related materials. And, we only do this for guitar-related markets, something we know a lot about and have been involved in for over 30 years.

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Our goal is to be the recognized source for marketing and direct deployment of guitar-related PR. With over 35,000 direct connections in our market already (and growing fast), our reach is quick and our style is easily noticed. Our social media outlets have been in place for a long time and we are a known quantity in the business.

GuitarPR was created and designed by Jeffrey D Brown. It is the reinvention of a platform that was first developed in 2007, and our name truly says it all.

How It Works

GuitarPR offers professional, affordable Marketing and Press Release Services. Our Concierge Services provide you with expert care in the development and handling of your press releases and marketing materials from writing and image composition to managing deployment, distribution and more, usually at much less than agency rates.

For more information, try our FAQ. Or, contact us anytime.

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