DSM Humboldt Unveils Simplifier X

The most advanced analog amp simulator ever made.

Santiago, Chile – March 29, 2024 – (GUITARpr) –DSM Humboldt has introduced their new Simplifier X Zero Watt Reverb Stereo/Dual Amplifier. It has been designed and developed to fulfill the needs of guitarists seeking versatility, flexibility, practicality and of course, the ability to get the best […]

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DSM Humboldt Introduces Simplifier MKII

The Chilean manufacturer takes analog amp simulation to the next level

Santiago, Chile – April 7, 2023 – (GUITARpr) – DSM Humboldt has unveiled their new Simplifier MKII zero-watt stereo guitar amp following on the success of their Simplifier line. The Simplifier MK-II takes the analog amp simulation to a new level of realism […]

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