Fast Guitars Uses OEM Capabilities to Create a Stunning Proprietary Line of Instruments

Innovation, technology and resources fuel a creative approach to custom and production guitars

Vancouver, BC, Canada – September 13, 2017 – (GuitarPR) – Fast Guitars has launched a unique line of custom and production level guitars and basses utilizing the technology and vast resources it has developed over many years as part of their successful OEM guitar building business. Since 2006, Fast Guitars has perfected the process of building many types of electric guitars as well as various parts for guitars, which has given them the knowledge and expertise to produce this extraordinary new line.

With eight distinctive models in their current line-up, Fast Guitars offers a distinct variety without compromise. For instance, the Roamer offers a classic offset body shape with all the modern options including a belly cut for a more comfortable playing position when seated. The Orion comes with a bound, solid-wood drop top over a single chunk of lightweight Swamp Ash with better fret access and elimination of the pickguard, jack plate, neck plate and string tees, while the Falcon offers a unique version of a headless, single-cut, carved-top instrument. The other five models are equally innovative and compelling.

Several distinctive features are built in to all new Fast Guitars that set them apart from other builders:

  • Their bolt-on neck joints are as tight and precise as any other type of neck joint. With a tapered tenon, the string tension will only tighten the joint rather than pull it open. There is no paint or glue separating the body wood from the neck wood and high strength steel inserts hold everything in place. This allows for the smooth transition and fret access of a neck-through, while allowing them to easily pair different tonewoods together for the neck and body.
  • They use spoke-nut truss rods with the adjustment nut at the heel. What’s different about this is the ergonomic access point tucked away in between frets. This not only looks cleaner, but shifts the functioning area of the truss rod away from the heel where it has no effectiveness.
  • Instead of routing oversized cavities, and then tying everything together with jack plates, pickguards and pickup rings, Fast Guitars machines everything to fit precisely without adjustment from the get go. This means less plastic and metal plates.

According to founder, Kevin Fast, “Since we are a boutique builder operating in tandem with a successful OEM business, we have access to all the tools, tricks and toys the big guys have, but we aren’t tied to any cost or production restrictions. We don’t need to sell thousands of any guitar before it’s viable for us and we are very happy to build one-off exotics for the customer who wants what they want.”

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