The Basics

This is a sample Effort to display the GUITARpr Helping Hand format. It’s simple and straightforward with some built-in flexibility. What’s the problem and how are you trying to help solve it? That all goes here.

More about this Effort…

Here’s an opportunity to provide additional material about the person/organization/situation in a positive light. That’s why we’re here. To turn this thing around and move deliberately in the positive direction. If you’re struggling with the copy, we’re happy to help.

Now, we’re asking for some help…

(This is the closing paragraph.) We encourage you to help in whatever way you can with this worthy cause. Click or tap the button below to participate. Or whatever.

(You should have a GoFundMe or other suitable destination where people can help out in one way or another. To submit your Effort, click or tap here >>)

How to Participate

NOTE: GUITARpr is presenting this and other Helping Hand Efforts as a free service for the benefit of organizers and beneficiaries. Neither GUITARpr (or its parent TrueMarket Group) make any judgment or warranty as to the validity of any of these causes. While we make the ultimate decision as to whether or not to present any Helping Hand Effort here, and do our best to select appropriately, it is, under all circumstances, your own decision and responsibility to participate in any way you choose. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.