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Below, in our FAQ, we’ve assembled some questions we thought some of you might ask along with the answers we would likely provide (if you indeed had asked)

What is GuitarPR?2017-01-16T10:58:13-08:00

GuitarPR is a professional development and deployment service that promotes marketable news and marketing materials for guitar-related companies, organizations and players.

Can anyone use GuitarPR?2017-01-16T11:01:34-08:00

Yes. But guitar-related companies and organizations can use GuitarPR’s professional Concierge Press Release Services and guitar enthusiasts of all kinds can access press releases archived on GuitarPR or by email subscription. If knitting is your passion… this may not be for you.

Where and How does GuitarPR deploy?2018-06-14T12:51:39-07:00

GuitarPR is a market-based guitar-centric PR news and marketing organization. Our signature 10-step Concierge Primary Release is our most popular service and consists of the following:

  • We provide expert assessment and consultation, which includes a phone or Skype call. We take a personal interest in our mutual success.
  • We create a logical and compelling “Rationale” statement outlining elements and strategic purpose of the release(s).
  • We write, format and produce your press release based on input and any needed materials using best professional practices.
  • We compose a creative, attention-getting primary image that is attached to the release and included in all media and emails.
  • We produce a release PDF for inclusion on GuitarPR and available to media. (example).
  • We deploy on GuitarPR as a permanent shareable release. All releases are available through our RSS feeds.
  • We promote each release heavily on our own social media channels (to over 30,000 followers). Each release includes a minimum $25 post boost through our GuitarPR Facebook ad channel.
  • We also individually email your release to over 375 guitar-related media outlets (magazines, blogs, editors, etc), dealers and distributors as a credible, respected third party. (Email example)
  • We provide release follow-up as warranted.

Most importantly, we help you create the right message. That part is worth the price of admission all by itself. But you always get the rest of anyway.

Best of all, GuitarPR does all this at a fraction of the cost of other services.

What kinds of things can our press release cover?2018-01-29T15:18:37-08:00

Simple. Anything guitar-related that is newsworthy from your business or organization. New product launch, old product with new features, event participation, moving to a new facility, hiring a new superstar for your team, bought or merged with a new company, awards you won, new endorsement… and the list goes on. We can help with all of that. That’s what we do.

In addition, we’re big on messaging refinement. We help you get your marketing message straight. Our process is always focused on what we call the “3 C’s.” It’s an extremely simply formula:

  1. Capture the Attention
  2. Convey the Message
  3. Compel the Action

We always work to check off those boxes, because in doing so, you’ll always improve your odds of success with any marketing-related endeavor. Contact us to find out more.

What else can GuitarPR do for our company2018-01-29T15:20:59-08:00

Our structured development and deployment service is but one of the ways GuitarPR can help your business move forward. In fact, we offer a variety of marketing and sales-related services custom designed for your company or organization. To find out more, visit our Marketing Services page or just contact us.

Don’t see your question here? Just contact us and we’ll answer it as best we can. If it’s a question we think will benefit other users, we’ll probably add it to the FAQ.

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